Structural Analysis

Code Development for Performance Analysis of Compressor 
Dynamic Collision Analysis of Compressor Valve


Jong-Bong Kim & Hyun-Kyu Lee 
- A finite element program for the analysis of dynamic behavior of compressor valves. 
- PV diagram can be obtained using the code. 
- The suction and discharge loss also can be calculated.
- Dynamic fracture prediction of suction and discharge valves 

Bolt Joining Analysis


Jong-Bong Kim, Jin-Hwan Jeong, Hyun-Kyu Lee 
- Mechanical property test for a wire
- Stress analysis during joining
- Prediction of Joining performance of a serration bolt 

Design of Wind Power Generation System


Jong-Bong Kim, Sung-Hoon Cha, Myung-Soo Shin, Ho-Kyung Kim 
- Structural analysis and design of a vertical type wind power blade and a vane inducer. 

Analysis of Golf Driver Impact


Jong-Bong Kim, Sung-Hoon Cha, Myung-Soo Shin, Ho-Kyung Kim 
- Dynamic impact analysis of a golf driver on a ball.
- Prediction of the effects of driver shape on the ball speed and direction after impact. 

Shape Design of Disc Coupling & Powerlock


Jong-Bong Kim, Won-Sang Seo, Byung-Chul Yoo, Cha-Dol Kim, Jin-Ah Park 
- Finite element analysis for a high precision disc coupling and a Powerlock
- Prediction of contact stress, fatigue life, and torque transmission power
- Design of disc shape by topology optimization
- The effects of disc shape and deviation angle on stress and fatigue life 

Analysis of Dent Formation


Jong-Bong Kim, Sung-Hoon Cha, Myung-Soo Shin 
- Analysis of a dent formation by a small ball on a car body
- Investigation into the effects of curvature, ball speed, collision angle, pre-strain, and
  material properties of panel on the dent resistance. 

Design of a Foldable Container


Jong-Bong Kim, Han-sung Yoo, Jae-Hyun Choi, Jong-Ho Oh 
- Design of a folding and unfolding mechanism of a foldable container